A T T E N T I O N     L A D I E S !

KMDI now hosts women’s only self-defence training, and we assure you - you will go Krav Ma-gaga.

She Fights Back® is concerned with the typical threats to women. During our workshops, the following topics are covered:

  • The importance of awareness as a preventative for attacks

  • Learning the general tools to de-escalate potential threats (mugging, sexual assault)

  • Learning fundamental fighting techniques (hand on hand combat)

  • Making the switch from defending to reacting

Our training venue: Krav Maga Defence Institute, 8 Rutland St in Surry Hills (2min walk from Central railway station)




Workshops are held on the last Sunday of every month. The cost is $60 per person and you receive 10% off if you bring a training partner.

Our next SFB Workshop will be on Sunday 24 November 2019 from 10am-12PM.

About Krav Maga: 

Developed in the Israeli Defence Force, Krav Maga is a world-renowned fighting system which teaches a of modern and proven strategies to promote the safety of an individual. The exercises you will face are both physically and psychologically challenging, to ensure you receive the necessary tools to handle the stress in the event of a real situation out on the streets.

About the Krav Maga Defence Institute 

KMDI is the largest Krav Maga institute in Australia. Established in 2006 by Ron Engelman - former Krav Maga instructor to the elite units of the Israeli Defence Force - KMDI offers a high level of training against a range of real-life threats such as weapons, choke holds, grabs and hand to hand combat. KMDI training is held in 4 locations: Surry Hills, Sydney CBD, Caringbah and Bondi Junction.

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